How I celebrated my 40th birthday.

Act #1: Dresden Elementary
I attended Dresden Elementary School and it's where I met some of my dearest lifelong friends!  

My first act was to contribute to Ms. Clements 1st grade class project.  You can read the project details here. The teacher and students sent me the sweetest thank you note!

Act #2: Project Linus
When I heard about Project Linus  I knew I had to make a blanket!  I chose to make a no-sew blanket. 

I thought I made a mistake by making a double layered blanket but the nice lady that runs the local Project Linus chapter assured me it was okay.  Whew!

 Act #3: USPS
Mom and I headed over to the Buckhead Post Office and left a sheet of stamps for the next customer.

Acts #4 & #5: Humane Society
The Humane Society is always in need of towels and blankets.  They use these to dry off the animals after a bath and to help the injured/sick animals feel safe and warm.

I also took the volunteers a homemade loaf of banana bread.

Acts #6 & #7:  Goodwill
I donated a big bag of clothes. 

While there I purchased a Goodwill gift card and selected a shopper to give it to. She was a little unsure when I approached her (I found this to be a common reaction in a public place when someone is offered something free!) But, a big smile quickly spread across her face.  This was so fun!

Acts #8 & #9: Dollar Store
I attached $1 bills to different items in the toy section.

Then I filled all the toy and candy machines with quarters.

I wish I could have seen the kids faces when they found money!

Act #10: Laundry
When I was little we didn't own a washer & dryer . .. so, every Saturday morning Mom and I would head up to the laundry mat at Skyland and Buford Hwy.  That's where I took a bag of laundry detergent pods and quarters.

The picture is blurry but turns out that's okay because this lady didn't "want to be on TV!"  Ha!

Acts #11 & #12: Kroger
This first act was unplanned and involved one of the most appreciative people we interacted with that day.  

I put money in the Salvation Army pot and gave the sweet "bell ringer" a bag of my homemade chocolate chip cookies.  She loved the cookies and couldn't stop smiling (neither could we!)

Next - I found a couple with a new baby and gave them a Kroger gift card.    

Act #13: Massage
We stopped for lunch at Mykonos Taverna on Clairmont Road. Our server - Nikko - was great!!  I left her a Massage Envy gift card along with her tip! 

Act #14 & #15: QT
I taped scratch-off lottery tickets to the gas pumps.

When we were leaving we noticed a guy had stalled out in the parking lot.  His battery needed a jump and I was just the person for the job!  

He's retired from the Army and drives down from Braselton, Ga every week to go to the VA Hospital. 

Check out his '64 Fairlane with only 91K miles.

He was so nice and I loved the opportunity to help him out.

Act #16: Dr. Beatty
Dr. Beatty has been treating me since I was 12 years old.  I wanted him to know how much I appreciate him.

I gave him a QT gift card and some of my homemade chocolate chip cookies. Love Dr. B!

Act #17: More Cookies!

Handed out bags of homemade chocolate chip cookies to the construction workers and police officer on E. Paces Ferry Rd.

Act #18 & #19: Red Cross
Donated a pint of blood. 

And brought a homemade loaf of banana bread to the ladies at the Red Cross. 

When I was leaving they gave me a birthday card and bday hero pin!!

Act #20, #21 & #22: Firemen and Police 
Delivered Sublime Donuts to the Buckhead Firehouse. 

Delivered Sublime Donuts to the Firehouse on Dresden in Brookhaven.

Took fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to the Doraville Police station. 

Act #23: Walmart
I paid down someone's layaway account.

Act #24: Redbox
I left a bag a unpopped popcorn on the Redbox kiosk.

Act #25, #26, #27 & #28: Kroger
Gave this lady a coupon for a FREE carton of eggs.

Gave this sweet lady a Kroger gift card.  She said "are you sure?"  Absolutely.

It was a very rainy day - so, I returned carts for several people. (no pic)

I kept this lady's purse and groceries dry while she loaded her car with food for her Thanksgiving meal.  She told me it was an extra exciting Thanksgiving because it was her first as a Grandma! Her granddaughter is 7 months old.

Act #29: Felt Flowers
I made and gave out felt flower broaches to the lovely ladies at the senior home a couple blocks from where I live.  This was so special!

Act #30: Mail Carrier
Left a treat for our mail carrier.

Act #31 & #32: Skywish
Donated my Delta Skymiles to two great organizations!

The Fisher House Foundation - Hero Miles
The Fisher House Foundation Hero Miles program provides airline tickets to wounded, injured and ill military members and their loved ones.

Canine Assistants
Canine Assistants trains service dogs to enhance and improve the lives of children and adults with special needs.

Act #33, #34, #35: Publix
Gave these two very deserving ladies Publix gift cards.

Filled the toy and candy machines with quarters for the kids to find!

Act #36: Playground
Left hopscotch game, chalk and scattered quarters for the kids to find.

Act #37: Blessing Bags & Beer
Handed these out to the homeless.

Act #38 & #39: Crawford Long Hospital

On my birthday we visited the hospital where I was born.

I brought gifts for the nurses to hand out to the babies born on November 27th. I chose Gobbles the Turkey since he shares the same birthday.  

I also brought coloring books, crayons, puzzle books and games for the maternity waiting room.

Act #40: November 27, 1973 @ 11:11am
To our shock and surprise the doctor that delivered me still worked at the hospital. I got to meet her exactly 40 years to the minute after I was born!!  

She was delighted to meet someone she had welcomed into the world early in her career!  During our visit we learned she was a second year resident and 8 months pregnant when she delivered me. Wow. There were lots of hugs and we all promised to keep in touch!

And my Mom FINALLY was able to get Dr. Kassam to sign my birth certificate (we just happened to have it with us!)

I couldn't have planned a more perfect way to welcome 40!